How do I check my email using my home computer?

Using any of the popular email clients for home computers setup an account with the following details:

Your POP3 Server:
SMTP Server:

Username: if you are checking the main POP3 account that came with your account the user name is your account username. If you have added any further POP3 accounts then you have to use as the email user name.

Password: your pass.

In order to send email via your domain please make sure authentication is enabled before checking your email.

If the software on your computer is outlook express, and you have problems sending emails via your domain follow these steps :

1. Launch your Outlook or Outlook Express mail program

2. Go to the "Tools" menu - select "Accounts"

3. Click on the account you wish to change - select "Properties"

4. Select your account name and click properties, select the server tab

5. Check only the "My server requires authentication" box at the bottom left. 6. Click "Apply" then "OK" to save changes

7. Repeat process for other accounts listed

8. Try to send an e-mail message to yourself. Use the same password as when you login to get mail.

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